Deed Scams

21895863_lOver the years, many clients after completing their estate planning, would receive what appeared to be an official government letter offering to provide a copy of their newly recorded deed for a fee ranging from about $50 to $90.  This letter unfortunately was a scam by private companies seeking to provide a copy of a deed which is available from the register of deeds for as little as one dollar.  Fortunately, our state government has recently taken action to prevent such activity. [Read more…]

The Cost of End of Life Care for the Elderly Varies by Region


42100086 - health care nurse holding elderly lady's hand with caring attitude.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, the amount of time people spend in hospitals or nursing homes in the final months of their lives rather than their homes varies depending on where they live.  “Where the Elderly Die Can Vary by Region, Study Shows”, explains how research from the New England Journal of Medicine has shown that someone dying in the regions of the Gulf Coast and Rockies spend more than two additional weeks hospitalized or in other facilities compared with someone dying in the Midwest or Montana.  This variation may point to unnecessary end of life care and could help better understand why medical care is being administered that undermines someone’s wish to be at their home. [Read more…]

How to Contest a Will

33895094_l  If you think it’s unfair that your mother or grandmother gave a larger share of their estate to your brother, you may be right, but it is not a basis upon which to challenge their will.  Proving a will is invalid is a difficult process and should only be undertaken if a valid basis exists upon which to contest it.  Here are a few legal reasons in which a will can be challenged: [Read more…]

The Dangers of Joint Accounts

29520436_l (2)Because joint accounts avoid probate and permit easy access to the funds, it is common for a parent to name one or more of their children as a co-owner of their accounts.  However, although joint accounts allow a child to pay a parent’s expenses and avoid probate court when the parent dies, they can have unintended consequences that many people do not consider.  [Read more…]