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Brett Howell, the founder of the Elder and Estate Planning Law Firm, specializes in helping Michigan families protect their estates.  Whether you are worried about nursing home expenses that exceed on average $8,000.00 per month, assisted living expenses, having your estate avoid probate court or planning for a special needs child or grandchild, Brett has helped thousands of families obtain peace of mind when faced with such issues.  Often this involves qualifying for Medicaid or VA benefits, creating a trust for an estate or a special needs trust for a disabled loved one.  If you are dealing with any of these issues, contact our office for a confidential consultation to discuss your concerns with Brett – you will be glad (and relieved) you did.

What distinguishes the Elder and Estate Planning Law Firm from other Elder Law Firms in Genesee County and surrounding areas?

Brett Howell is an expert in his field as a member of The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, a licensed Certified Financial Planner, and the first Certified Elder Law Attorney in Genesee County. The Elder and Estate Planning Law Firm is dedicated to developing a custom plan to fit every client’s specific situation. As stated by one of Brett’s colleague’s:

“I endorse this lawyer without any reservation whatsoever. Brett is an outstanding elder law attorney. I have complete trust in his ability, his legal knowledge, and his honesty. Not only is he one of the best elder law attorneys I know, he is also among the most ethical and is guided by his faith. Brett is a person whose presence in the legal profession make it better. I have no doubt that if you are considering hiring Brett, you will be satisfied with the service he provides and the skills he brings to help you and your family. I often call Brett when I have difficult elder law questions. I am honored to have this opportunity to publicly confess my confidence in Brett and my endorsement of him.”

-Todd Schmitz, Elder Law Attorney in Mount Clemens, MI

Practice Areas:

Medicaid Planning: With nursing homes costing on average more than $8,000 per month, most families cannot afford such an expense for very long. In order to avoid losing all of their hard earned assets, it is necessary to qualify for Medicaid benefits. However, Medicaid has very strict and complicated income and assets rules that must be met before an applicant can receive benefits.

VA Benefits Planning: War time veterans and their spouses can receive a monthly pension benefit if they meet certain income and assets tests. This VA pension can be extremely valuable in helping veterans or their spouses pay for in-home, assisted living or nursing home care.

Probate and Trust administration: After a loved one dies, some type of estate administration may be necessary to pass their assets to their loved ones. This is true whether of not they had a will or trust.

Estate Planning: “Estate Planning” generally involves planning your affairs when you die or if you should become disabled. Depending on your circumstances, this might involve a will and durable and health powers of attorney or it may involve a trust.

Special Needs Planning: If you have a special needs child or grandchild, you likely want to provide for their well-being after your death. This type of planning is referred to as “special needs planning” and often involves the use of a special needs trust.

Guardianship and Conservatorship: Sometimes, a loved one becomes disabled and does not have a financial and health care power of attorney. It then may be necessary to seek the court appointment of a guardianship (to make personal and health care decisions) and conservatorship (to make financial decisions).

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