Estate Planning Mistakes

There is a lot of misinformation that exists in the area of estate planning. Nearly every day someone will tell us for example, that they heard that if you have a will "there is no probate". Unfortunately, this type of erroneous information is often passed on as helpful estate planning advice. Clients frequently learn the hard way that relying on such advice can cost them thousands of dollars. In an effort to help educate and prevent others from making these all too common mistakes, we have complied our list of the top 10 estate planning mistakes. 1. Procrastination. Most everyone is at least aware that it is important to have an estate plan. Far too often however, they procrastinate doing a

The Essential Documents For Your Loved One's

​Leaving your family to sort through all of your papers after your death or following an emergency is often very time consuming and extremely frustrating. There is also a good chance that they will not locate an insurance policy, bank account or other assets that you had not used in years. This can result in the unclaimed assets winding up as possessions of the State of Michigan rather than your family. In fact, Michigan has recently reduced its dormancy period for unclaimed property to only three years on most assets. Currently the Michigan Department of Treasury has millions of dollars in lost or forgotten assets from dormant bank accounts, uncashed checks, stock certificates, and valuable

Do It Yourself - Be Your Own Lawyer?

Not too long ago "do it yourself" meant trying to fix a leaky toilet instead of calling a plumber. Or perhaps it involved changing your oil, spark plugs and air filter without a mechanic. Nowadays "do it yourself" means much more. Thanks primarily to the internet, numerous opportunities now exist to do it yourself in areas never previously imagined. For example, with the click of a computer mouse, you can now have do-it-yourself: Pest control. Appliance repair. Accounting. Home remodeling. Book Publishing. wedding Photography. Dentistry - who needs a dentist when you can replace a crown on your own according to WebMD Airplane Building. Medical surgery including laser eye surgery, plastic sur

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