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The Importance of Exercise for Seniors

As we age, it is important we continue to exercise for both our mental and physical health as well as helping to prolong our independence. Today, seniors are fortunate to have so many options available to them. Choosing the right type of exercise will help you avoid injury as well as ensuring you will stick with it.

In a recent blog post on titled “9 Best Types of Exercise for Older Adults,” author K. Aleisha Fetters has compiled a list of the best low impact exercise programs for older adults. The exercises include:

  1. Swimming

  2. Yoga

  3. Pilates

  4. Body Weight Training

  5. Resistance Band Workouts

  6. Walking

  7. Cycling

  8. Strength and Aerobics Classes

  9. Personal Training

Consistent exercise has many health benefits for both the mind and body. Whether you decide to join a gym, use an app on your phone or computer, or walk with a friend, make an effort to implement physical activity into your daily routine.

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