Veteran's Pension 2020

As we have discussed in previous newsletters, one of the best kept secrets of the Department of Veterans Affairs is the veteran’s pension for a non-service connected disability. This benefit – a pension program – does not require a wartime injury. It is available to veterans (and their spouses), provided the veteran is disabled, served for no less than 90 days with at least 1 day during wartime and was honorably discharged. This pension benefit can be a tremendous blessing for those disabled veterans who are facing the burden of paying for assisted living, nursing home or in-home care. Aid and Attendance Benefit There is a specific type of VA pension which is very important. It’s called t

No Closure of Medicaid Cases During Crisis

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has issued a memorandum precluding any Medicaid recipient from being involuntarily terminated from benefits for any reason other than death or moving out of State. The memorandum is effective March 19 and continues until further notice. This will be a significant relief to clients and providers who, for instance, are left without the ability to complete annual re-determinations. The Memorandum is ESA 2020-12 and it reads in part: Effective today 03/19/2020, Medicaid cases (including HMP) must not be closed unless the client requests such closure (verbal or written), death, or the client moves out of state. DO NOT certify any Medicaid/

Helping Seniors with Dementia Using Puzzles and Games

A new program in Utah is helping seniors who suffer from dementia. The organizers are training volunteers to work with the elderly using puzzles and games along with other personalized activities to help patients socialize and feel connected to those around them. The program has not only helped the patients but has given much needed respite for caregivers, which are often family members. This is a great program which helps address the growing population of aging adults and the strain it can often pose for family members. You can read more about this program in the Wall Street Journal.

Estate Planning - Avoiding Disputes Amongst Children

The Bible makes it clear that the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil (see 1 Timothy 6:10). Unfortunately, the love of money can impact families at the worst time – following the death of a loved one. When families are supposed to be supporting and comforting each other, they sometimes pull apart. Whether the conflict is over an inexpensive possession such as an old lamp or over something valuable, families can be forever torn apart. I once had a family that was fighting over their mother’s old clothes – even though everyone agreed the clothes had no practical, monetary or sentimental value. Parents are sometimes reluctant to admit that their children may not get along very well.

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