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Want to Live Longer?

According to a recent New York Times article: “You may not need another reason to retire early, but I’ll give you one anyway: It could lengthen your life.” That’s the conclusion of the article based on various research regarding the relationship between early retirement and longevity. In “The Connection Between Retiring Early and Living Longer”, the author, Austin Frakt examines a number of studies which explore this issue. The article notes however that retiring early is not the only issue, but also what you do in retirement.

“That retirement promotes health and prolongs life isn’t obvious. After all, work provides income and, for some, health insurance — both helpful for maintenance of well-being. It also can provide purpose and camaraderie. Evidence is mounting that loneliness and social isolation are linked to illness, cognitive decline and death. One study of American retirees found them less likely to be lonely or depressed.”

The bottom line – if you want to live longer – retire early. This of course requires taking care of your health and that you begin planning for retirement when you’re younger so you can afford to retire early.

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