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Top 10 Elder Scams

Scam artists never stop trying to think of ways to take advantage of others. Unfortunately, because the elderly tend to be more trusting, they often are a prime target. To help protect seniors, The Senate Committee on Aging has released its report identifying the 10 scams targeting seniors:

  1. IRS Impersonation Scams.

  2. Robocalls and Unsolicited Phone Calls.

  3. Sweepstakes Scams/Jamaican Lottery Scams.

  4. “Can You Hear Me?” Scams.

  5. Grandparent Scams.

  6. Computer Tech Support Scam.

  7. Romance Scams.

  8. Elder Financial Abuse.

  9. Identity Theft.

  10. Government Grant Scams.

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