November 8, 2017

A recent Kaiser Health News article (“Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage: How To Choose”) offers some helpful advice on choosing between a traditional Medicare plan and a Medicare Advantage plan.  While Medicare Advantage plans are required to provide the same benefits of...

November 4, 2017

The Social Security Administration recently announced that more than 65 million recipients will receive a 2% cost of living adjustment (COLA) in 2018. For the average retiree, that means an increase of $27.00 per month.  Yet before you make plans on what to do with thi...

February 15, 2013

What is Estate Planning?

Estate Planning is preparing for the orderly transfer of everything you own at your death. In short, it is legally arranging to give what you have to those who you want to receive it. It can also include when and how you want them to receive it.


February 14, 2013

Besides the obvious choice of a nursing home, there are other options to create a more customized care plan for your loved one.

In-Home Nursing:

In-hone nurses can be hired through an agency or privately. Using an agency may be a better choice in the long run because the...

February 13, 2013

One of the most important documents in your estate planning portfolio is a Durable Power of Attorney. This document allows an individual to name someone to handle all of their financial decisions if they are ever unable to make them for themselves.

It is a common miscon...

February 6, 2013

When an individual with sole ownership of a property dies, the probate court will usually determine who the property will go to. Without any designated beneficiaries, the property will pass to the individual’s heirs as decided by state law. If there is a will, the prop...

February 5, 2013

A revocable living trust is a legal document that includes instructions concerning what should be done with your assets after you die. While a will does the same thing, a trust avoids the probate court while a will does not.

When creating the trust, you will become the...

February 1, 2013

When completing your estate planning, difficult questions arise concerning end of life measures. With new advances in medicine, it is possible to extend one’s life using medication or machines to help with breathing, eating, or waste removal. Before deciding on end of...

January 30, 2013

What type of client might benefit from a Special Needs Trust?

A special needs trust is generally used for disabled children or adults. The trust is designed to benefit the child or adult in a way that does not cause them to be disqualified from receiving need-based gove...

January 22, 2013

It wasn’t that long ago that the on-line world was something used primarily by the younger generation.  Now it touches nearly every aspect of our lives and it continues to grow apace.  Facebook surpassed one billion active users last year – it now reaches 1 out of 7 pe...

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